There are lots of countertop options on the market these days. Though new countertop options are constantly coming onto the market, it can be tough to understand which countertop is your best fit. At Half Price Countertops, we know that many people are still counting on granite in Fort Lauderdale. This countertop option has been a popular choice for years, and it’s no mystery why. In fact, granite was even used as a part of The Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt. With a rich history and beautiful natural styles, granite is a great choice for your home. Still not sold on granite? Our team at Half Price Countertops has put together a list of some of granite’s best benefits. 

What are the benefits of granite in Fort Lauderdale? 

When it comes to keeping your countertops in shape, it’s important to start with a sturdy surface. At Half Price Countertops, we know this is why many homeowners are still choosing granite in Fort Lauderdale. As one of the hardest materials, granite brings a wide variety of benefits when used in a countertop setting. Some of granite’s most popular features include: 

  • Scratch resistance 
  • Chip resistance 
  • Speckled features 
  • Heat resistance 
  • Natural variants  
  • Stain resistance 
  • Rich veining & details 

When it comes to naturally beautiful countertop options, nothing compares to granite in Fort Lauderdale! It is true that granite countertops need to be sealed to stay at their best, but this sealing can be completed quickly and bring long-lasting results. We offer all the features your granite needs as a part of our granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. 

What’s the importance of granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale? 

If you’re considering granite countertops, it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting the best granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. During fabrication, your countertops are transformed from slabs into beautiful countertops customized to your kitchen’s needs. The fabrication process involves cutting the granite to your measurements, along with finishing the countertop’s edges.  We offer fabrication services for many countertop types, including granite. 

How do I shop for granite in Fort Lauderdale? 

If you’re looking to shop for the best granite in Fort Lauderdale, we invite you to visit our showroom at Half Price Countertops. We source our granite from the finest quarries, bringing top quality slabs from all around the world. We invite you to stop by today to start browsing our newest granite slabs!