Remodeling or creating a home comes with a lot of responsibility, time, and options. One of those many choices you’ll make is what type of stone to install onto your countertops, vanities, and backsplashes. With so many different types of stone to choose from these days, it’s clear to see that the narrowing-down process is not an easy one. That is unless you pick granite. There are many reasons granite in Fort Lauderdale has been a popular choice for decades, and with all of the added benefits, it is understandable why.

Benefits of Purchasing Granite in Fort Lauderdale

Granite has a long list of benefits, besides it’s impeccable and incomparable beauty. Firstly, it’s important to understand where granite comes from, as it will give a good visual as to what type of stone we’re dealing with. Granite is essentially molten rock that has erupted from the center of the earth. The density of the granite determines the pattern of granite. The twisting of tectonic plates during the cooling process creates swirls, which makes each piece unique.

One of the biggest benefits of granite is that each piece comes sealed, meaning everyday kitchen or bathroom stains and liquids will not affect the stone as generously as some of the other more porous options. Granite is also quite durable, making it an excellent material for kitchens and other areas that are frequently used, or may need to withstand a broken dish here and there.

While there are many benefits to buying granite, there are also benefits to buying granite at Half Price Countertops. Because we do all of our fabrications, we offer half off prices on all of our stone selections! For granite, prices start at just $35 per square foot. If you’re looking to update your home or start from scratch, there are few better options for your countertops or vanities than granite in Fort Lauderdale. Call us today at (954) 867 – 8310 or stop by our showrooms in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton!