What’s the Trick to Saving on Granite in Boynton Beach?

There are a couple major qualities people seek in quality craftsmanship including style, durability and affordability. Homeowners are looking for work which will stay stylish and vibrant for years to come, while still stretching their dollar as far as possible. You may think it’s impossible to pay wholesale prices while receiving retail quality products and service, which means you’ve never worked with our team at Half Price Countertops. Our company aims to bring beautiful and durable countertops into every Boynton Beach home with affordable prices and great customer care. You may not think that you can afford granite countertops, but at Half Price Countertops we aim to put granite within your reach.

Granite countertops in Boynton Beach are an increasingly popular home design choice. Unfortunately, with higher popularity and demand comes higher prices. At Half Price Countertops, we think that everyone deserves high granite in Boynton Beach. Granite countertops are created from large slabs of this durable igneous rock. They bring incredible durability due to their sturdy molecular structure. You can prepare hot foods on granite countertops without having to worry about damaging the surfaces, which is unheard of with other countertop materials. In fact, you can cut your foods directly on granite countertops without worrying about leaving any scratches or scuffs at all! It is this strength which helps make granite such a popular countertop material.

Our team at Half Price Countertops can design and install granite countertops to your specifications and desires. You’re sure to find the granite style, shape and color that’s perfect for your home because no two pieces of granite are exactly the same! We can take these unique slabs and fabricate them to your needs, customizing the minor details down to the edging of your new countertops. Though we offer some of the lowest prices around, we never cut out vital quality steps during the entire fabrication process. We use the highest quality and most accurate machines possible, along with the expert precision of experienced fabricators. Even in installation, we treat your granite with a gentle approach to ensure its structural beauty is maintained. After all, your granite countertops are only as beautiful as the granite itself.

You may find yourself wondering how we’re able to provide quality granite, great customization and low price all at the same time. Well, at Half Price Countertops we’ve worked to give our customers the combination of value, customization and quality they deserve. We’re a direct importer of granite, meaning that the high quality granite slabs come straight to our doors. We’re also our own fabrication shop! By cutting out the middlemen at often expensive junctures, we’re able to save our customers up to 50% on their granite countertops!

If you’re in need of high quality, customized granite countertops in Boynton Beach, consider giving our team a call. When it comes to granite surfaces, we strive to provide countertops which will last a lifetime at half the price of larger retailers. We cut out the middle man at every possible point to offer you the greatest savings. The trick to saving on granite is working with our team at Half Price Countertops. Call today to get started!