Anytime you are remodeling a bathroom, you want to do things that add to the home’s value. 

Statistics from show that renovation costs to bathrooms range from $20 thousand to $60 thousand. At resale time, you will recoup from 60% to 67% of the costs of remodeling the bathroom in the value of the property. 

Bathrooms are a significant expense, and you need to think carefully about how you do everything. The vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale are critical in giving your bathroom the look and feel you want. 

You should consider specific factors to choose one that is right for your home and adds to the long-term value of the property. 


The spacing in the bathroom is crucial in determining the correct dimensions in matching the space. You need to think about the vanity’s space, depth, and height to locate one that is right for your bathroom. 

The most common sizes range from 24 to 72 inches, heights of 33 to 35 inches, and depths between 17 and 22 inches. You also want to choose a vanity that matches the style of the bathroom, gives you plenty of space, and functionality. 

All of these factors influence the kind of vanity you purchase and the way the counter matches your bathroom.  

At Half Price Countertops, we have 16 thousand square feet of showrooms in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We have the size and style of vanity you are looking for to make your bathroom something special. 


The plumbing inside your bathroom is critical in determining the kind of vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale you will select. 

You want to look at the plumbing layout before shopping for any vanity tops and ensure everything fits correctly. Otherwise, you will have to pay added costs of having the plumbing moved around to ensure a proper fit. 

You want to look over the plumbing, take pictures, and measurements of the layout when going to your retailer to purchase a vanity. 

Half Price Countertops can help you in choosing the right vanity for your bathroom with our knowledge and experience. We have quartz countertops starting at $39 a square foot and a wide selection available. 

Wall Mounts versus Freestanding

The size of your bathroom determines if the sink and vanity are wall-mounted or free-standing. 

Master bathrooms with more space have freestanding vanities and give you a different look and feel. 

Smaller bathrooms use wall mounts to save space and create more functionality for everyone. 

You should look at the size of the bathroom if the sink is freestanding versus a wall mount, and total functionality. 

All of these factors play a role in deciding the kind of vanity and the size you will need inside your bathroom. 

Half Price Countertops has a large selection of countertops in Fort Lauderdale that is unmatched. We can help you to choose the right one for your home that matches the style and functionality of your bathroom. 

Lighting and Fixtures

Anytime you are remodeling your bathroom, you want to think about the lighting and fixtures to match the vanity. 

For example, if you are using a recessed light and a mirror, the brightness and reflection are on the vanity. 

You want to consider how the lighting and extras will reflect and the look of the countertop after everything is installed. 

Half Price Countertops has the right countertops in Fort Lauderdale that matches the lighting and fixtures in your bathroom. Our selection of vanities starts at $600, and we can include a sink or the countertops alone to meet your needs. 

We Can Help

You should consider numerous factors such as spacing, plumbing, wall mounts/ freestanding options, and lighting/fixtures when choosing vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale. Call Half Price Countertops today at 954-867-8310 and see why we have South Florida’s largest selection of sinks and countertops. 

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