What to Look for In Natural Stone and Granite Fabrication


Natural stones have become the standard when it comes to home design. These surfaces are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and any other high traffic areas that need durable style. At Half Price Countertops, we know that the key to great countertops, whether they’re granite, quartz, marble or other materials, is in the fabrication. Fabrication is the process by which basic stone slabs become something beautiful, customized and durable. At Half Price Countertops, we’re focused on fabricating the highest quality natural stone slabs for homes, budgets and styles of all shapes and sizes. Are you considering upgrading to new natural stone surfaces? It’s time to learn more about the different qualities you can expect from our natural stone and granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale.

.Granite Fabrication Fort Lauderale, FL

There are many different steps to the fabrication process, whether our team is working with marble, granite or even quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. Each stone needs different approaches to properly preparing it for your home. Still, there are some steps that we take for all fabrication projects:

  • Slab Inspection
  • Measurement & Tracing
  • Cutting the Excess
  • Polishing
  • Final Inspection

There are different details we can include in your fabrication process, such as unique edges, shapes and stone thicknesses. Of course, including sink cutouts in your natural stone and granite fabrication in Fort Lauderdale is no problem either. Because we fabricate all of our slabs ourselves, we have heightened control over your fabrication processes to best fit all your needs. It’s important to think about fabrication like tailoring for a nice suit. You can buy the most expensive suit from the finest materials, but if you don’t have it tailored by a skilled professional, it will never fit or look quite right. Fabrication is like tailoring for your new countertops, it creates the perfect fit and style for your personal tastes, making your home look great!

Whether you’re looking for granite, marble or quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, we invite you to learn about the services we provide at Half Price Countertops. We can help you find your perfect natural stone surfaces, then customize them to your design and style needs. Because we fabricate all of our slabs ourselves, we’re also able to supply the highest quality remnants in Fort Lauderdale. Remnants are smaller slabs that are perfect for vanity tops, kitchen islands and barstool seating. Fabrication is vital to creating truly customized and stylish countertops for your home. To learn about all of your fabrication options, please call (954) 867-8310.