Over the years we’ve seen thousands of homeowners and contractors shopping for granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale. All with the plan to complete their renovation within their budget, and with great results. But there are a few things that we’ve noticed here at Half Price Countertops, and these issues can sometimes lead to less than desired results. To help you avoid getting anything less than your ideal kitchen, here is a list of the common mistakes we’ve seen homeowners make when shopping for granite countertops in Denver, and how to avoid them when.

Waiting To Choose Your Granite

It is always best to choose your granite countertops first. This isn’t just a fact in Denver, it is a rule that should be applied everywhere. It is much like choosing a couch with a wild print. This becomes the centerpiece in which you construct the rest of the room around. Use the same process in designing your kitchen or bathroom. Pick your granite countertops first, under the mindset of the general tone and style that you want. Then choose materials and colors based off your chosen granite slab.

Assuming It Will Look Like The Sample

This is especially important because there are no two granite slabs alike. So if you see something that you like online, there is no guarantee that you will find a stone that looks like that. You may get the same style, similar pattern, and same colors, but an exact match won’t happen. Finding a granite slab that matches what you had planned is much more difficult than getting the stone first and matching everything else to that slab. A way to avoid this mistake is to shop where the sample you see is the exact stone you are buying. They will mark that stone with your name or a holding card to reserve it for you.

Not Sticking To The Plan

You may also find, while shopping for granite, that you fall in love with a slab that matches none of the items you’ve already chosen for your renovation. This happens frequently. Homeowners will see a stone they like better than any other color or pattern they’d originally planned to purchase. This can lead to regret with previous purchases, costly changes, or less than desired results. Avoid this by choosing your granite first, or firmly sticking to your original design.

Not Bringing Samples

Many homeowners will have done at least some planning before they shop for granite in Fort Lauderdale. In most cases it will be that the cabinets have already been chosen. Another common thing we see is that homeowners aren’t usually changing the flooring in their kitchen, so they have to find something that will look good with their floors as well. In these cases, it is exceedingly important to bring samples or pictures. While it may still be difficult to find something that will match, it is certainly better than not bringing anything at all. How often does it happen that we think a clothing item will fit without trying it on, or that a chair will fit in a certain corner in a room? Only to end in disappointment and the hassle of a return. So bring samples, color swatches, pictures—anything that will help you decide which stone is best for you.

Whether you’re considering investing in granite to improve the look of your kitchen, or you’re seeing it as one last investment before you put your home on the market, granite in Fort Lauderdale is a great purchase. For the most delicate, durable and high-quality granite, call Half Price Countertops today at (954) 867-8310 and speak with our top experts. You can also view our website for additional information about services, materials & much more.