When it comes to remodeling, you’ll want to know what your options are. Remodeling can be an expensive project, so it’s best to keep your costs low. Fortunately, when it comes to stonework, you can rest at ease knowing that companies like Half Price Countertops offer remnants in Fort Lauderdale, and countertops for a fraction of the price. Because we do our fabrications in-house, we’re able to carry remnants and give affordable prices. However, not all people are familiar with remnants and what all one can truly do with their smaller sizing. To learn more, keep reading!

What are Remnants in Fort Lauderdale?

First and foremost, let’s get a better understanding of what remnants are. The way the stone fabrication process works is that large slabs of rock are cut from quarries. Then, these slabs are shipped to companies around the world. These companies then decide how they’ll be working with the slabs. Some companies keep the slabs large so that they can become backsplashes, walls, flooring, or even columns for architecture. Others, however, choose to use their stone for smaller projects, such as countertops and vanities. Remnants, in essence, are the pieces of stone left over from such projects. They can range in sizes and are usually more affordable since they’re the pieces that are being thrown out.

What are the Benefits of Remnants in Fort Lauderdale?

What are the benefits of choosing remnants as opposed to a full slab, you might ask? The answer is simple, and it’s that they are simply cheaper. Why not save money where you can? The leftover slabs are technically a cost loss for the companies, and if they can sell them to willing buyers, they end up making some of their money back. There are many types of remnants, including marble, granite, quartz, and more.

While it’s challenging to use remnants for a countertop, they can be used for other useful projects including kitchen backsplashes, vanities in bathrooms, tabletops, cutting boards, caps for lighting posts near outdoor gates, and fireplace mantles. Whatever you’re searching for, smaller pieces can be the ideal candidates! When using stone remnants as a backsplash, you’re adding value to your home. This backsplash helps to keep food and other cooking grimes from attaching to your wall. It also adds an extra flair to pull together the rest of the stone pieces in the room. You can choose to continue the countertop stone, or you can complement it by using something contrasting.

In bathrooms, you may find that you can use remnants as shelving! It’s an out of the box idea, but it can create a conversational piece for your guests. As far as dining rooms go, you can use remnants as any form of tabletop accent. Whether you place is upon a wooden chest, or make your entire dining table from the stone, you’ll be adding beauty to every group dinner in the future!

If you’re looking to incorporate remnants in Fort Lauderdale into your home or business, you’re in the right place. At Half Price Countertops, we already offer incredible prices. We’ve been in the business for decades, making us one of the top trusted companies in the area. Visit our 8,000 square feet showroom today at 2300 W. Copans Rd. Suite #4, Pompano Beach, FL 33069. Whether you’re just looking, you need pricing, or you need design consulting, our team is here to help! If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 954-867-8310. It’s time to decorate your dream home at half the price!