What are the Benefits of Buying Remnants in Boynton Beach?


Spring is a great season for taking time to reawaken your home with a deep clean. During your spring cleaning, you might discover some scratches or damages to your existing countertops which are leaving you feeling less than sunny. If you’ve got small sections of your countertop in Boynton Beach which are destroying the overall appeal of your kitchen, don’t fret. Our team at Half Price Countertops can help you replace your kitchen island countertop or an individual section with smaller sections of leftover countertop materials offered at discounted prices. Remnants in Boynton Beach are an increasingly popular home design option, they give you big designer impacts with smaller costs. If your spring cleaning has turned up existing damages to your countertops, consider replacing them with our remnants.

Many countertop companies focus on the bigger picture, forgetting the true value that remnants can offer. At Half Price Countertops, we recognize that remnants are perfect for kitchen projects big and small. Their smaller size allows for more varied applications, they can fit an existing design or create a new space all their own. You can use our remnants for other applications throughout your home too, such as stepping stones, mantles and fireplaces. They can also create a unique design for a backsplash or molding around your existing kitchen design. Their small size makes the combinations of design and possibilities of use endless!

When it comes to great remnants, variety is key. These little slices of stone are great for a variety of applications which necessitates a variety of design options. At Half Price Countertops, we’re a direct importer of granite and quartz. We’re also our own fabrication shop, cutting and designing granite, quartz and marble slabs in-house. What does this mean when it comes to remnants? Well, it means that you’ll get the best selection of remnant materials, shapes and sizes because they’re created right in the shop where they’re sold. Our selection is also incredibly affordable, the slabs range from 24” to 120” and start at only $99! Just like our full slabs, remnants are available in a variety of colors and patterns, offering you true variety. Our fabricators can cut remnants to your specifications, ensuring that the remnants you choose will fit into your home seamlessly for ideal design.

A cornerstone of our service at Half Price Countertops is to offer great remnants along with incredible customer service. We don’t just hand you a slab of stone and call it a day. Our professionals can help you find customized yet affordable remnants which will make any space feel luxurious. Just because our remnants are affordable does not mean they’re lesser in quality, they’re scaled down versions of our high quality stone slabs. They carry the same durability and strength which can keep them looking great for years to come. Keep your kitchen looking its best with our remnants in Boynton Beach. Call or stop in today to see what remnants are available!