What are the Advantages of Granite?


Granite countertops in Pompano Beach aren’t designed to be disposable, quite the opposite in fact. Granite countertops are made from a conglomerate of some of the hardest minerals on the planet including quartz and feldspar. Many people choose to install granite countertops in their kitchen or bathroom because of their extreme durability and of course their stunning beauty. Granite comes in hundreds of shapes colors thanks to the wide variety of minerals which compose it. Granite is mined all over the world and the chemicals found in each region of the Earth affect the color. Many people opt for shades of gray, white or brown which can work wonders complimenting a traditional kitchen. Those who are looking for something a little more bold can find shades of red, blue and even green.

Granite countertops are an investment much like your home itself. They aren’t going to need to be replaced in 5, 10 or even 15 years because of their incredible durability. Think about how granite is formed. The heat and pressure of the Earth’s crust and mantle melt together the matrix of materials and when hardened, the conglomerate is mined and shaped by professional stone masons. If the granite can withstand the high heat and pressure of the inner-Earth, it can probably hold up to the daily routine in your home.

Even though it is incredibly hard and durable, granite countertops in Pompano Beach still require some maintenance in order to keep them looking great. Cleaning granite is pretty easy and can be done with any kind of kitchen sponge or rag and some simple soaps or spray cleaner. There’s no need to try any other chemicals or something like bleach on your granite. Sealers are important as well because they help protect the stone from stains and scratches. You can purchase granite sealers at any home improvement store and it’s a fairly easy process to handle. If you have any questions about protecting your granite countertops in Pompano Beach or you are looking to install new granite countertops in your home, one of the best places to go is Half Price Countertops. With a huge selection of colors and varieties to choose from, Half Price Countertops has what you’re looking for at, you guessed it, half the price of other stone countertop retailers in South Florida. Call today or stop by and see for yourself!