Top 4 Qualities to Seek in a Granite Countertop


For years, granite countertops have been the big name in the kitchen design game. People in big homes, small apartments and everything in between understand the value of granite countertops. But, where can you find the best granite countertops in Pompano Beach? At Half Price Countertops, we specialize in all types of granite in Pompano Beach. We think that the right granite slabs make the most beautiful granite countertops, but choosing the perfect granite for your countertops in Pompano Beach can be challenging. Whether you’ve redesigned your kitchen before or this is your first time, our kitchen countertop experts at Half Price Countertops are ready to help. There are 4 qualities you should look for in your new granite countertops:

  1. Color. Granite is created from a composite of varying minerals that were pressed together in the Earth’s crust, and this can give granite seemingly endless combinations of color. You want to be sure that the granite you’re selecting compliments your overall kitchen design. After all, your new countertops will serve as the base for your entire kitchen’s style.
  2. Once finished and installed in your home, all granite slabs will be incredibly smooth and polished. What you’re really looking for is coherent designs in the texture of your granite slab, the specks, swirls and patterns that naturally occur in granite. The texture and pattern of your granite can help determine the rest of your kitchen’s designs.
  3. Though granite is one of the most durable materials around, making it the perfect choice for countertops in Pompano Beach, you need to be sure that your granite slab is thick enough to hold its strength. If your granite countertop is too thin, you risk sustaining damages from routine use. At Half Price Countertops, we carry granite slabs in varying thicknesses for countertops of all sizes.
  4. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a granite slab in our shop, but the slab is simply too thick for your countertops, or the edges just aren’t right. At Half Price Countertops, we can customize all of your granite to create a countertop that’s the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Granite countertops are the perfect choice for kitchens big and small, and finding the perfect granite countertop doesn’t need to be a challenge. If you’re ready to enhance the look of your kitchen, bathroom or any other space that needs high quality countertop surfaces, we encourage you to call our granite experts at (561) 509-5848 today. Our granite countertops aren’t just the most beautiful around, they’re also the most affordable! Call today to learn more.