If you’re a builder, remodeler, or interior designer, you know that it’s not unusual for home designs and plans to evolve every year with new features that make everyday living easier for homeowners. Some have open flowing plans, some have living rooms that bring the natural world in, and some have kitchens with open shelving and lots of storage. As we leave 2019 behind and head into a new decade, there is one thing that never changes–homeowners want kitchens that are beautiful yet also durable. Today, there is a trend towards simplicity and modern lines. In the past, we’ve seen more grand splashes of color in walls and cabinetry and even in appliances. While white walls always make a clean, modern statement, when it comes to countertops, one of the most popular choices in Fort Lauderdale is quartz. Quartz is a simple, clean, contemporary option that comes in many beautiful colors and finishes making it the perfect choice for any efficient modern kitchen. The material is manufactured and is usually comprised of stone, glass metal, and other resins.

Transforming your kitchen isn’t an easy project, and it can present a significant inconvenience to you and your family while renovations are going on. But in the long run, most people would agree that it’s worth every ounce of inconvenience. One of the most important things you’ll need to decide on is your countertop and backsplash material. At Half Price Countertops, quartz is among our most popular kitchen materials.

Here are a few great reasons why Quartz may be the right option for you:

  1. Lots of color choices. Quartz comes in multiple colors, making it a beautiful focal point for your kitchen. Secondly, if you want the elegant look of marble but find it too pricey, white quartz countertops look incredibly similar to marble, at only a fraction of the price. Even though the minimalist style is still in, you should not have to compromise on beauty.
  2. Quartz is very durable. Quartz is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, non-porous, and so much more. It’s the perfect material for families who have kids who tend to spill liquids! Quartz does not absorb water easily.
  3. Quartz is hygienic. Quartz keeps bacteria, mold, and mildew away. Its germ-fighting aspect is an excellent benefit for families with young kids who love to get their hands dirty and anyone who is particularly susceptible to germs.

The look and style of quartz countertops in your Fort Lauderdale kitchen will complement any decor and will appeal to any age group because of its wide choice of colors and simplistic beauty. If you’re looking to sell your Fort Lauderdale home, the addition of quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale could increase the value of your home. What’s more, at Half Price Countertops, you’ll enjoy the benefit of countertop materials that are half the price of our competitors. Reach out to us today at (954) 867-8310.  Our knowledgable and creative team is ready to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.