Remnants are items left behind after cutting kitchen and bathroom countertops to specific shapes and sizes. The idea is to keep the costs down by selling usable marble, granite, and other tops. The waste is reduced, and you can pick up these items to customize your bathroom or different parts of your home. 


The pieces are too small to be used in other projects but are beneficial in adding that special something to what you are doing. You can save money and pick up an item unique to your home using remnants in Fort Lauderdale on any project. 


Bathroom Vanity and Storage


Bathrooms are the one place where there is never enough room for everything, and you can quickly outgrow the updates. 


Remnants give additional space for a small counter or tabletop to store extra items. You can use remnants next to the main counter or as a supplement for your bathroom. 


The costs are low, and you don’t have to worry about having extra unused space with these items. 


For example, when remodeling your bathroom, the main counter gets the most usage by you and your family. A remnant can go into a space that is empty and gives additional options for storage or use. 


You are using everything in your bathroom to the fullest and ensuring no space sits empty. 


Half Price Countertops can help with our hundreds of choices of remnants in different shapes and sizes. You can pick one that is perfect for your bathroom to enhance the use and value. 


Small Kitchen Islands or Tables


Remnants in Fort Lauderdale give you flexibility when designing your kitchen in the form of islands and eating spaces. 


A remnant can be placed in the middle of the kitchen to give you an extra counter for preparing your food. 


Another option is to have the remnant off in the back and use the piece to create an eating area inside your kitchen. 


The pieces are small but flexible and you can customize the remnant to create something that works for you. You have extra functionality in the kitchen and give yourself additional space to enhance the room. 


Half Price Countertops can help with our different locations in South Florida that have a wide selection. We offer the most extensive choices of granite in Fort Lauderdale and have a style that matches your kitchen. 


Mini Bars


Home entertainment is all the rage, by spending time with friends and family eating food and having drinks. 


Mini bars are popular, but the challenge is these tops are small and require a custom cut and fits. 


Remnants are the perfect solution, as you can measure out the dimensions and choose from a wide selection. You will have a professional-looking mini bar, with a unique look and feel that is not expensive. 


Half Price Countertops can help with our wide selection of sinks and other accessories in creating your mini bar. We will help you in the selection of your remnant and provide extra assistance in making everything perfect. You will feel proud in knowing that you came to the right place for your materials and supplies. 


Coffee Tables


One of the issues with coffee table countertops is leaving stains on the wood from food and drinks. Often, you will use coasters and placemats to protect the finish and surface of the wood. 


Remnant tops are perfect for coffee tables by giving you a great durable finish. You don’t worry about stains, and any mess can easily be cleaned up on surfaces made of quartz or granite. Both surfaces are strong, look good, and withstand the wear and tear of coffee tabletops. 


Half Price Countertops has remnants that will match the dimensions and uses of your coffee table. We can help you in selecting the right one that will last you for years to come. 


Remnants in Fort Lauderdale have various uses that enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your home. Call Half Price Countertops today at 954-867-8310 and choose from our hundreds of remnants available. 

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