Remnants in Fort Lauderdale Are Not Hard To Find


What is the difference between a granite slab and a granite remnant? It’s all about the size. A granite remnant is a smaller piece of a large granite slab. Remnants are not big enough to create countertops. They are usually used for smaller projects like vanity tops, fireplaces, and small table tops. Furthermore, granite remnants are less expensive compared to granite slabs. They are affordable and they are beautiful.

Where do you go to buy granite or quartz remnants? The answer is… Half Price Countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Half Price Countertops is the only place you can go to do all of your remnant shopping. This fabrication store has stone remnants starting at just $99. The remnants are from 24 inches to 120 inches. The remnants can also be used for stepping stones, mantles, and any other small home remodeling project. Half Price Countertops has a huge showroom with a variety of multiple stone remnants. You can visit them at 5711 NE 14th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334 and browse through the different colors and patterns of remnants they have. If you would like, you may bring a sample of your kitchen or bathroom’s cabinet and/or tile, so that the associates at Half Price Countertops can better assist you in selecting the perfect remnant for you.

Remnants are much like the full size stone countertops. They are extremely durable and they will last a lifetime. You will be very pleased with Half Price Countertops’ showroom, customer service, quality and prices. After you have purchased your granite or quartz remnants from Half Price Countertops, you can get started on your remodeling project whether that be in your bathroom or your kitchen, or even outside your front porch. Once that project is done and you are thrilled with how it came out, you will be so happy you decided to go to Half Price Countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Call them today at (954) 867-8310.