For those looking to update a kitchen or renovate a bathroom, finding the right slab for the countertop is high on the priority list. There are a whole lot of options when it comes to countertops and it can often be overwhelming looking for the perfect one. There are all sorts of things to consider such as stone thickness, color and edging, but the biggest choice comes down to whether you want to go with a natural stone or a fabricated surface.

What’s Better; Granite or Quartz in Pompano Beach?

If you’re truly looking for elegance, durability and reputation, then it really comes down to whether you want granite or quartz. Both materials have a reputation for their beauty and durability and are very similar overall but there are a few distinctions which set the two apart. To the untrained eye, both granite and quartz may appear the same, but to the experts at Half Price Countertops, one could outperform the other based on the circumstance.

Granite is a 100% natural stone conglomerate consisting of feldspar, mica, quartz and other minerals. Granite is formed by high heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust, making it one of the hardest stones on the planet. Anyone with a granite countertop can tell you it how the stone stands the test of time and holds up to even the most demanding of kitchens. Hot pots and pans can be placed directly on granite and it won’t make any mark whatsoever. You can also cut things directly on granite and the knife will go dull before even making a scratch. It is very resistant to cracking and chipping so a granite countertop will look great for decades. Granite is an expensive option but for the beauty and durability it is well worth the cost.

Quartz is similar to granite in that it is very durable and will hold its own against heat, scratching, chipping and cracking. Quartz is also non-porous meaning it won’t stain and cleaning it is a breeze. Quartz is often considered the more versatile stone as it can be manufactured in a variety of color and patterns to suit the theme of any kitchen or bathroom. High end quartz counters are comparable to granite in price but it is possible to get a quality product and spend less than you would for a piece of granite of a similar size and thickness.

If you have questions about quartz or granite countertops in Pompano Beach, call or stop by Half Price Countertops today and speak with a countertop expert!