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3 Facts You Didn’t Know About Quartz Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale  

It’s not every day that people are searching for quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale. More often than not, customers are looking for locations that merely sell the material. However, what if we told you that having a company who both sells and fabricates their own pieces could give you a better return? At Half Price Countertops, we do our own fabrication processes, and it’s no wonder that we get our name from our incredible savings! If you’re interested in quartz, here are three facts you might not have known before.  

1. Quartz Fabrication in Fort Lauderdale Means Affordable Prices  

Quartz isn’t a costly stone, but it isn’t the cheapest. Quartz has a plethora of incredible properties that draw homeowners to its aesthetic beauty and durability time and time again. Fortunately, their perks don’t necessarily drive up the cost. The final price of quartz will depend on where you buy, how thick the slab is, and how much you need.

2. Quarts is a Man-Made Countertop 

Most people don’t know that quartz generally tends to be man-made. What exactly does that mean? How can stone be man-made? Quartz usually combines about 93% ground quartz, and 7% resins. Because the material that creates the final countertop isn’t technically pure, it cannot be sold as such. However, its interesting mix gives homeowners the ability to choose numerous colors and creations.

3. Quartz Durability  

Last, but certainly not least, quartz has a handful of impressive properties including strength, heat resistant, being non-porous, and offering variety. With quartz, there’s not a lot you can’t do, and you won’t spend an arm and a leg trying to make your vision a reality.

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in quartz fabrication in Fort Lauderdale, Half Price Countertops has you covered. We’re the team to bring South Florida residents, affordable materials, simply because we can! There’s nothing better than knowing that you’re getting a deal on your home remodel or build-out. Why spend more than you need to? Call us today at (954) 867-8310 and see how we can help make your dreams come to life.