Picking a Vanity Top in Fort Lauderdale


What’s the most important aspect of a bathroom? It’s hard to pinpoint just one, although the toilet has a pretty good claim to the top spot. The shower, bathtub and sink are all pretty common features of any bathroom but there’s one thing that most people tend to overlook. Vanity tops are the one feature than can make or break a bathroom. Those in the market for a new vanity top in Fort Lauderdale should consider a company like Half Price Countertops first.

A vanity top is one feature of a bathroom that often gets overlooked when in reality it is a pivotal part of the bathroom. A vanity isn’t just something that holds a sink. A vanity offers storage for things like hair dryers, extra towels and all of the toiletries you use every day. The top of a vanity is usually made from a stone such as quartz, granite or marble. Vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale can be expensive unless you check out the selection at a place like Half Price Countertops.

A bathroom remodel is a big project and you want everything to be perfect. Don’t redo everything in your bathroom but keep the vanity top the same. Find a new one at the best dealer of vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale to complete your perfect bathroom. Vanity tops come in a variety of different stones and colors so you can find the pattern that best suits your theme or color pattern. There are even options like engineered quartz which offer the same level of durability at a price that won’t make you wince.

Call or stop by Half Price Countertops today for more information about buying a brand new vanity top in Fort Lauderdale. The countertop professionals at Half Price Countertops can help you pick out the best vanity top in the store!