The first thing that you set your eyes on when you go to someone’s house and step foot in there in the kitchen is their cabinets which is why people make extra efforts to make the cabinets stand out.  

If you feel like your kitchen is starting to look old and need to remodel your entire kitchen, but you can’t decide what to do with your cabinets, keep reading. It is no hidden fact that one of the most convenient ways to fix your kitchen’s look is to paint it the color you want. It is time, cost and, energy saving. However, when you talk about kitchen cabinets, you might doubt what to do with them.  

Let’s look at each option clearly and then make a well-informed decision that wins for all.  

Repairing Method And Expenditures  

  • When you think of repairing your cabinets, that is replacing the skin of the cabinet. It helps to enhance the overall look of the cabinet and saves you the hassle of buying new ones and getting them fixed again.  
  • The basic kitchen repairing costs usually include new cabinet doors, new fronts of the drawers, new face frames, handles, etc.  
  • Whoever you choose to get the repairing from, if they are extremely professional, they will take less than a week to finish your entire kitchen (depending upon the size of your kitchen).  
  • The costs of getting this work done by an expert are way higher than doing it yourself or getting someone cheap. Getting an amateur to do the job for you will only put in more money later on. It is why you should get proper work done once to avoid any repairing later on. 
  • If your existing cabinets are well-built and fixed and don’t require much maintenance, then you can save a great amount of money and get them changed to a different color or pattern of your choice.  

Cabinet Painting Costs 

Painting your cabinets will cost you less than getting your entire cabinets replaced. Here are a few reasons why you might consider getting your cabinets painted.  

  • People get bored of their cabinets, and to give their kitchen a new look, they tend to get their cabinets painted. Trends for kitchen cabinets have changed over the years, and people have been keen on keeping up with all of them  
  • Your cost of repainting your entire kitchen is half the cost of replacing it. Using good quality paint will last you years and ensure your kitchen looks brand new. 
  • Since there are no supplies needed, the only thing you’ll need is different colors of pain depending upon the theme you have set for your kitchen. It will save you the time, hassle, and money in getting people to fix things for you.  

Cabinet Replacing Costs 

You can’t just get up and decide the cabinets you want for your new kitchen. The first thing you will look at is the cost of a variety of cabinets so that you can make up your mind on which one to buy. You will want to make a fully informed decision before making a final purchase. 

  • If you opt for premade stock cabinets and come in a factory to standard sizes, these are the most inexpensive options to go for. But with inexpensive comes a compromise on the style, as these are extremely plain.  
  • Semi-custom cabinets come with stock cabinetry and also have extra details that help make them stand out, such as glass inserts or some fancy trims to make them stand out. 
  • Custom cabinets are made to order, and since they are made from scratch, they will include all the details you want. They tend to have a customized paint color. They have specialty shelving sizes, slide-out shelves, etc. These tend to be the highest costing cabinets and guarantee everything of your choice.  
  • Kitchen cabinets installation adds to your overall purchase price. However, that is not something that you can do on your own. You will need professional services to get a good job done. it will cost you way more than painting your entire kitchen.  

Now that you know the details of a painting or replacing your cabinets when remodeling your kitchen, you can make a well-informed decision based on your budget or how well-built your cabinets are. Whatever you decide to do, Half Price Cabinets provide you with high-quality that are designed to last you a lifetime. You can get the finest products at a fraction of a price. Call Half Price Cabinets today at Broward (954)-890-2090 OR Palm Beach (561)-826-6181 or visit their website to help you choose the perfect cabinet for your latest project.