Keeping Your Counter Clean


Taking care of your countertop doesn’t have to be a labor intensive project, particularly if your countertop is made of granite. A metamorphic igneous rock, granite is composed mostly of quartz and takes thousands of years to form underneath the Earth’s crust. Those looking for granite in Ft. Lauderdale understand that they are getting a piece of stone which is virtually indestructible. Although diamonds have a perfect hardness rating of 10, quartz comes in at a respectable 7, meaning that it’s going to take significant effort to damage the stone. Putting a pan directly from the burner on to a granite counter will cause no harm whatsoever. Cutting boards are a thing of the past for those who invest in a beautiful new countertop for their home. Despite its durable properties, there are a few basic things to keep in mind when cleaning and caring for your granite.

Most of the basic cleaning principles revolve around common sense. For one thing, it’s always smart to use coaster and place mats for glasses and dishes. Even though it’s nearly impossible to scratch granite with glass or ceramic, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Granite, particularly if it’s been sealed by a professional, is very resistant to stains, but spills with high acidic content should not be left sitting for very long. Orange juice, vinegar and even some cleaning products should be kept away from granite at all costs. It most cases, taking a soft cloth and warm water is enough to get granite sparkling again. You can also use a drop or two of dish soap if you need a little more cleaning power. Never use powerful cleaners like ammonia or bleach because they can cause significant damage to the stone. Simply using soap, water and a little scrubbing power should be enough to clean any piece of granite.

Most people choose granite over marble in Ft. Lauderdale because granite is considered a more durable option. Marble may be a bit more luxurious, but the care and maintenance is more time consuming. Marble is a more porous stone so even water can leave a stain. A company like Half Price Countertops is your best option when it comes to finding the most stunning pieces of granite or marble in South Florida. Only the best countertop dealer will carry a huge selection of marble and granite in a variety of colors and shapes. A place like Half Price Countertops even carries remnants and custom designed sinks.