Homes and businesses are built and remodeled continuously in South Florida. In fact, construction never seems to stop! Many who begin building are looking to use the absolute best countertop materials available to ensure long-term durability. All of this new work begs the question, what countertops are truly going to outlast generation after generation? According to experts, if builders and owners are genuinely looking to add quality that will last, using quartz in Fort Lauderdale is most certainly the answer.

What Makes Quartz in Fort Lauderdale the Best of the Best?

Quartz has been around for several generations, used in many different ways. In terms of in-home use, quartz has provided millions of homes across the world with beautiful backsplashes, countertops, and vanity tops. Quartz has a few distinguishing characteristics that make it valuable and traditionally more expensive than other materials. The naturally white colored stone, easily able to be transitioned into almost any color imaginable, has a smooth, glossy appearance that has wowed cultures for many years. Its richness is unparalleled, and its texture is naturally eloquent. Quartz is also heat, water, and stain resistant, and incredibly strong, justifying its higher price range. It also requires little maintenance to remain looking new.

However, not all people want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on countertops and vanities. At Half Price Countertops, you will not have to. Equipped with our fabrication shops, we are able to provide our customers with a much lower price on countertops, usually reduced by fifty percent in comparison to traditional shops. High quality should not be unaffordable. If you’re searching for quartz in Fort Lauderdale, then know that there is a location that offers incredible pricing without sacrificing perfection and quality. Visit the spacious showrooms of Half Price Countertops today, and impress your future guests with timeless and classic stone finishes.