Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Kitchens all around Fort Lauderdale are kicking into high gear to prepare for this annual feast. But don’t let Thanksgiving cooking damage your countertops! At Half Price Countertops, we offer many options when it comes to countertops in Fort Lauderdale. We know it’s important to protect your countertops from cooking damage! If you’re preparing a Thanksgiving feast, consider our tips for protecting your countertop in Fort Lauderdale.  

How can I protect my countertops in Fort Lauderdale this Thanksgiving? 

It’s important to work at protecting your countertops anytime you prepare a meal. But, it’s especially imperative on Thanksgiving, when many dishes are in the works. Hectic kitchens, complicated dishes and overtired cooks can result in damaged countertops. But at Half Price Countertops, we’re here to help protect your countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Check out our top tips for keeping your counters in shape this Thanksgiving! 

How do I keep quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale in shape? 

At Half Price Countertops, we offer a wide variety of quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Quartz is growing in popularity, and for good reason. This nonporous countertop is easy to sanitize, which is crucial when preparing a Thanksgiving turkey. Still, it’s important to take some precautions to protect your quartz countertop in Fort Lauderdale: 

  • Use trivets & potholders. Quartz is considerably heat resistant, but it’s still possible to damage it. When you’re placing hot pots, pans and dishes on your quartz countertop, make sure to use trivets to help protect this countertop from extreme heats.  
  • Watch for scratching. Though it’s difficult to scratch quartz countertops, it’s not completely impossible. Hectic holiday cooking can result in scratched quartz countertops, so make sure to be careful! 

Overall, quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale are sturdy against strain and wear. But, it’s important to take some extra care when preparing holiday meals to make sure you don’t damage your quartz in Fort Lauderdale. 

What about granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale? 

Granite countertops are another popular choice when it comes to countertops in Fort Lauderdale. But, just as with quartz, granite requires a little extra care to keep things in shape. We recommend taking some steps to protect your granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale: 

  • Make sure they’re sealed. Granite countertops are porous, which means they can hold on to cooking residue. This can be dangerous when preparing raw poultry. But when your granite is sealed, it’s easy to sanitize! 
  • Watch out for stains. Because granite is porous, it stains more easily than manmade countertop options. Most stains wipe up easily when they’re noticed quickly. 

With these tips, you’re sure to have a great Thanksgiving that won’t damage your countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Our team at Half Price Countertops wishes your family a happy Thanksgiving!