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Adding a quartz countertop to your kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. The beauty and durability of quartz is well known. With help from the professionals at Half Price Countertops in Fort Lauderdale, a new quartz countertop doesn’t have to break the bank. Half Price Countertops is now offering a coupon a for a quartz slab blowout. Simply visit the website, print out the coupon and enjoy   great deals on anything quartz from five different colors. Call today at (954) 867-8310 and get a free estimate.

Quartz is just one of several different types of materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Marble and granite are also very popular.  But quartz offers a few advantages over other stones, including color, seams and strength. When it comes to color, quartz may be the most dependable material. Unlike other stones, the color of quartz remains consistent. Because the color is consistent, the seams of quartz countertops are much less visible.

The durability of quartz is unmatched. While it’s one of the most common type of stones, it’s also one of the hardest surfaces. Natural quartz countertops are non-porous, which mean you’ll never have to worry about stains. This saves homeowners the time and effort of having to seal their countertops periodically. Not only are quartz countertops resistant to stains, they’re also scratch resistant. Quartz is the fourth hardest mineral on the planet, only behind topaz, sapphire and diamond. Because of its unique strength, you’ll never have to worry about damage during installation or chips and cracks from everyday use. But perhaps the best reason to choose quartz is because it’s less expensive than granite and natural stones. This is important for many homeowners who are considering a home improvement project for their kitchen.

Half Price Countertops has Fort Lauderdale’s best selection of quartz, granite and marble countertops. Even if you haven’t decided which material or color you want for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, come by our 8,000 square foot showroom. Our team of design professionals can go over with you which materials look best for your home. Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom may seem challenging at first. But with assistance from the helpful staff at Half Price Countertops, your project will become much simpler. Visit us today or call (954) 867-8310 and ask for a free estimate.