The kitchen can make or break a home. So much of our lives revolve around the kitchen, from shared meals to parties and celebrations. Because so much of our social interactions center around food and drinks, having an inviting kitchen space can help improve family bonds and friendships. If you find yourself less than thrilled with your kitchen space or you want to update it to better match your needs, here are five trendy ideas for kitchen renovations you can complete this summer! 

Open Concept Kitchens 

More often than not, kitchens and dining rooms are right next to each other, so why not combine the two into one cohesive space? An open concept kitchen allows for better flow of traffic and makes it easier to navigate during meals and snack time. Without obstructive walls and narrow doorways, this style of kitchen also makes it easier to observe the rest of your living space, which is important for families with small children or pets that may get into trouble if unsupervised. Open concept kitchens are also more inviting for continuing conversations and spending time with the people you love.  

An experienced contractor can easily determine which walls can be safely removed or modified without compromising the integrity of your home’s infrastructure. They can help guide you in determining the best course of action for making your kitchen a more open and inviting space. 

Update Appliances 

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cook with worn down, outdated appliances. From refrigerators that don’t get cold enough to fritzy stoves and ovens, having old appliances is more than annoying—it’s a health and safety risk. Fifty percent of home fires start in the kitchen while one is cooking dinner. Decrease your risks with new appliances.  

Technological advancements make it easier to avoid accidental fires. Things like electric stoves that won’t heat up unless a pot or pan is placed on the eye or refrigerators that you can sync to your cell phone for easy temperature control and monitoring can give you peace of mind and save you money. Plus, with new sleek designs that can even be incorporated directly into your cabinet design for a modern look.  

Dark Countertops 

Want to give your kitchen a modern upgrade without doing a complete renovation? Get dark countertops! Not only are they sleek and modern, but dark countertops are stainresistant and easier to keep clean. Granite and quartz countertops in Fort Lauderdale offer an alternative approach to this trend with unique patterns, colors, and a beautiful finish. Check out all the quartz and granite options available through Half Price Countertops now! 

Update Storage 

Storage needs are bound to change as the years go by. If your household has grown or you’ve invested in more cook wear, updated storage can completely change the way you utilize your kitchen. Organize your dinnerware, upgrade your pantry, and allow room for growth later down the line. New cabinets give you the option to customize the functionality of your kitchen, making you more likely to cook at home and eat healthier meals. 


Once you’ve updated your cabinets, countertops, and appliances, top it all off with a bit of personality! Pick a new paint color to bring the space together. Consider an accent wall or a tiled backsplash. Accessorize to bring a bit of yourself into the room. These small details help to tie it all together for an entirely new kitchen experience! 

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