Finding the Best Remnants in Fort Lauderdale


At Half Price Countertops, we offer the best fabrication on granite, quartz and many other top quality countertop materials. During the fabrication process, we often have leftover materials that are smaller yet still in great shape. These are remnants, and they’re the perfect choice for many projects throughout your home! When you’re looking for the best remnants in Fort Lauderdale, we invite you to visit our showroom at Half Price Countertops!

What materials are remnants in Fort Lauderdale made from?

When you’re starting a project, you’re looking to source the best materials. When a project is smaller scale, it’s much easier to afford top quality materials! Our remnants in Fort Lauderdale are the affordable, luxurious and stylish solution for your project. We offer remnants in many materials, such as granite and quartz.

Remnants Fort Lauderdale

What projects should I use remnants for?

Our remnants start at only $99 and come in many sizes, from 24” to 120”! They’re the perfect choice for many projects, including:

  • Vanity Tops
  • Dining Nooks
  • Bars
  • Dressing Tables
  • Windowsills
  • Mantles
  • Coffee Tables
  • Desks
  • & More

With our remnants in Fort Lauderdale, you’re only limited by your imagination! Our remnants come in flexible sizes and styles, giving you the best options for your next project. And with the affordable price point, it’s never been easier to decorate and design with top quality surfaces!

Can remnants in Fort Lauderdale be customized?

You may think that because you’re enjoying our remnants for a lower price point, you can’t customize the look of your remnants. At Half Price Countertops, we know that customization is key no matter the project! That’s why we’re focused on offering the best services for all of our projects, remnants included!

We can cut, shape and polish your remnants to perfection. After all, well tailored remnants are the best way to make your project perfect. With our in house fabrication experts, transforming remnants into beautiful surfaces is simple.

How can I find the best remnants in Fort Lauderdale?

If you’re looking for the very best remnants in Fort Lauderdale, it’s time to shop our options at Half Price Countertops! We’re always adding to our selections of remnants, so you never know what top quality surfaces you’ll find!

We invite you to stop by our showrooms today for the best remnants in Fort Lauderdale. You can view both our locations and get directions by clicking here. We look forward to helping complete your project with the best remnants!