Find the Best Granite or Marble in Fort Lauderdale


Although home design for both kitchens and bathrooms continues to evolve and improve over time, certain materials and standards of quality remain timeless. At Half Price Countertops located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, tried and true materials such as granite and marble coexist with cutting edge construction and design all conveniently located within Half Price Countertops’ 8,000 square foot showroom. Whether you seek to outfit your home in cutting edge designs or prefer a more classic ambience, Half Price Countertops provides customers with top of the line materials that are highly regarded in terms of beauty and durability.

Granite remains one of the most popular materials used for kitchen countertops and is also one of Earth’s hardest natural substances, making it ideal for cooking needs as it cannot be scratched or marked in anyway. Formed beneath the Earth’s crust, Granite begins its journey as hot molten magma before eventually rising to the surface and cooling to form most of the continental crust. Granite is unique in that no two slabs will resemble each other due to the natural variety in color and pattern. A popular material for thousands of years, granite was favored by the Egyptians for their pyramids, columns, wall and floor veneers. How the Egyptians were able manipulate granite remains a historical mystery as the Western world was not able to carve the material effectively until the 18th century.

Marble is a beautiful option when outfitting your home, especially for areas such as bathroom vanity tops. Marble has been favored since the ancient Greeks and Romans as a favorite material for decorative structures and remains popular in the modern era as well due to the variety of colors and patterns available. Named by the Greeks as a “shining stone” due to the reflective properties of the interior recrystallized minerals, marble is a metamorphic rock formed by immense pressure and heat. Although relatively soft compared to granite or quartz, marble in Fort Lauderdale is a durable material that only requires sealing if exposed to water over time.

By choosing to outfit a home with these ageless stones, customers can delight in knowing that they are utilizing all natural materials executed with cutting edge techniques.  American owned and operated, Half Price Countertops is an exemplary combination of Old World traditions and New World technology and ingenuity. As a direct importer of both granite and quartz, customers have access to up to 50% in savings due to Half Price Countertops’ in-house fabrication shop. Whether the goal is a renovated kitchen or a revamped bathroom, Half Price Countertops has the materials, design and price points to satisfy all goals, budgets and tastes. While utilizing the ingenuity available at our showroom, customers can also join in a longstanding tradition of using Earth’s natural materials.