It seems that when most people redecorate their bathrooms or powder rooms, they focus on the flooring, the bathtub and other fixtures. But, what about the center of your new bathroom, your vanity? At Half Price Countertops, we think that the right vanity tops in Pompano Beach can help homeowners make the most of their bathroom spaces. If you’re remodeling your bathroom, or if you’d like to make a simple change that can revamp your bathroom, a new vanity top is the answer!

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Our bathroom design experts think that there are 4 main qualities you should seek in your vanity tops:

  1. Many people get caught up in just the look of their vanity tops, but you also need to choose a vanity top that makes the most of your bathroom space. You need a vanity top that will fit the perfect sized sink and all the toiletries you need on the countertop. At Half Price Countertops, we offer many different vanity top styles that incorporate space for all your needs.
  2. Beautiful bathroom design relies on coherent style throughout, and a vanity top is an integral part of this design. Our vanity tops can be customized to any style you need, from chic modern designs to beautiful rustic styles. We carry countertop and sink combinations that can mesh with your existing bathroom décor, or create a new style that revitalizes the space.
  3. Sure, vanity tops in Pompano Beach may not take the same stresses that kitchen countertops do, but your vanity top needs to be durable. At Half Price Countertops, we specialize in the highest quality countertops in Pompano Beach, and our vanity tops are no exception to this rule. Our vanity tops are available in sturdy materials such as granite, quartz and marble.
  4. Nobody wants to make compromises when it comes to home design, and your bathroom vanity tops are no different. At Half Price Countertops, we can customize your vanity top shape, cut and even the edging details of your new vanity top. We can complete the design with a built in stone sink, glass freestanding sink or classic porcelain sink.

The right bathroom vanity top can transform your bathroom’s style and functionality, all with one simple installation. Don’t spend another day dealing with dismal designs, dingy countertops or subpar space. You can have everything you need in a new vanity top, and for prices that won’t break the bank! You can get started by viewing our new vanity tops gallery, here.