Did You Know? Quartz Edition!

Did you know quartz is the second most common mineral in the continental crust? Well you do now! Because of its abundance and incredibly hard composition, quartz is one of the most common countertop materials sold at Half Price Countertops in Pompano Beach. Known for its beauty, quartz comes in a variety of colors depending on the chemical changes which occurred during its creation under high pressure and heat within the depths of the Earth. Quartz is most often found as a six sided prism when it is in crystal form, but it is also commonly found as part of a matrix with other minerals like feldspar and other igneous, extrusive minerals. These matrixes are formed within the Earth and are removed, cut and shaped to form countertops, mantles statues and a variety of other things. Here are a few quartz facts that you might not have known!

  • ·         The largest piece of pure quartz ever mined was found in Brazil and it weighed 44 tonnes, which is equal to 88,000 pounds. That’s a big rock.
  • ·         In Australian Aboriginal mythology, quartz was the material from which religious leaders and elders derived their magical powers.
  • ·         As it is extremely hard, quartz was used by many ancient civilizations from Ireland to Asia as tools. In fact, the word for quartz in Ireland literally means ‘stone of the sun’.
  • ·         Ancient Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder often referred to quartz as water that had been frozen so long it was permanent.  He, of course, was very wrong.
  • ·         Quartz has piezoelectric properties, meaning it can collect and store electric charges.

You don’t have to be a rock jock to appreciate quartz’s place in history and its current uses today. We wouldn’t exactly consider ourselves geologists at Half Price Countertops, but we certainly know enough about quartz and countertops to help you pick out the perfect slab of stone for your kitchen or bathroom. Stop by one of Half Price Countertop’s showrooms in Broward or Palm Beach today and check out the huge selection of quartz slabs we have in stock. Can’t find one you like? We can order just about any color variety you could ever dream of. If you have an idea of your new kitchen’s color scheme, bring that in as well and one of our countertop professionals will help you find the perfect match!