We all love having many options to choose from in life, however, when it comes to kitchen countertops, having too much variety can be a bit overwhelming. There are many different types of materials used for the fabrication of countertops, let alone all the different colors and styles. It can be confusing to navigate it all alone. Fortunately, the courteous and friendly team at Half Price Countertops are here to help residents in Fort Lauderdale pick out the perfect countertops to compliment their kitchen. If you are finally ready to transform the look of your worn out and crowded kitchen, our team of experts are more than happy to help you.

What Kind of Countertop Should You Choose?

When picking out new countertops, it is important to keep in mind what features you want. There is a wide variety of countertop options to choose from, and they each carry their own strengths and weaknesses. If durability is what you are after, then marble or granite would most likely suit you best. However, keep in mind that extra durability comes at an extra cost. Also, keep in mind the lifestyle you live and how much maintenance you are willing to perform to keep your countertops in pristine condition. Granite and marble require routine resealing every couple of years. If that sounds like a hassle to you, then perhaps quartz would be a better option.

How Much Traffic and Use Does Your Kitchen Receive?

If you have small children or a very active kitchen, marble may not be the best countertop to go with, as the stone is more fragile than harder stones. Granite may be a better option, as its durability can stand up to even the rowdiest of kitchens. Granite and quartz are usually a safe bet for any kitchen, as they can stand up to extreme heat as well as resist scratching and chipping.

What is the Style and/or Design of Your Kitchen?

The kitchen is usually the eye candy of every home; therefore, the design of your kitchen is often the first thing guests take notice of. The right kind of countertop can really make a great first impression upon entering a room. Granite countertops can bring a rustic and natural look to any kitchen that really makes it stand out from the rest.

Picking out new kitchen countertops can be quite confusing as there are so many options. However, Half Price Countertops is here to make the choosing and buying process as simple as possible. We encourage you to visit our showroom and meet our friendly staff. We will help assist you in picking out the perfect countertops to compliment your unique kitchen. With our low prices and high quality, we are confident you will continue to shop with us for your countertop needs. If you live in Fort Lauderdale and are in the market for new countertops, call Half Price Countertops today at (954) 867-8310.