When it comes to on-trend kitchen and bath makeovers, it pays to get creative, especially if price is an issue. At Half Price Countertops, we know that with the right materials at the right price, you can create a space that you’ll love for years to come, and at a great price. A leading kitchen and bath source for granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale, among other things, our talented team can help you design the most beautiful and affordable granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale. Because we directly import and fabricate all of our highest quality granite and quartz countertops in-house, we sometimes have leftover materials. These materials come from top quality countertop slabs. So, when you’re looking for high quality materials on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to ask about our quality granite remnants. Our customers have created some amazing things with our granite and quartz remnants for their kitchen Islands and Granite is perfect for a kitchen island, because you can cut directly on granite due to its durability. Besides kitchen islands, choosing our granite countertop remnants in Fort Lauderdale are perfect for:

Coffee tables – Nothing conveys luxury more than natural stone. Depending on how much of a remnant you are working with, you can use granite to top your coffee table or extend it to the top or sides of an accent table or console in the entryway where it will be displayed proudly front and center for your guests to see first. 

Unique tabletops – You can create a granite tabletop that exudes elegance and what’s more is extremely durable. So, if you have curious kids in the house with a penchant for knocking things over, this stone will definitely stand up to mischievous hands.  

Bar or buffet tops – Granite makes the perfect topper for a bar or buffet adding a bit of luxury to your dining experience. 

Windowsills – older windowsills can really date your home especially if you’re going for a more contemporary look. A granite countertop will give your windowsills a luxe look to complement the rest of your gorgeous home. 

Mantles – If your living room is outfitted with a fireplace, then a beautiful mantle is a must. Our remnants in Fort Lauderdale are perfect for mantles, bringing beautiful style and elegance to your home.  

Coasters – What a great idea for the use of a small leftover granite slab. You guests will enjoy their cocktails and beverages even more on elegant granite coasters. 

Walkways – You can create truly stunning walkways for your front yard, backyard or garden. These affordable projects are guaranteed to enhance your home’s curb appeal in no-time.   

At Half Price Countertops, you’ll enjoy lower prices, along with increased durability through our many unique granite countertop solutions in Fort Lauderdale. Whatever countertop surface you are looking for, our experienced staff can help you. We can take care of everything from planning the layout to installing your countertops. Contact us today for a free phone quote at (954) 867-8310. Or come by and visit our showroom to view our granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale and much more. Don’t hesitate to stop by, we look forward to helping you find your perfect remnant.