Most of us begin our day bright and early at the bathroom vanity, so you want it to be durable yet also attractive. It also should reflect your personal style. It’s the place where your hygiene is front and center, so you not only need something that looks attractive, but you need something sturdy and reliable as well. The counter that tops your vanity is often the most used and abused. So, it’s essential to ensure that you choose the right countertop material to complement your lifestyle. At  Half Price Countertops, we have the best, highest quality countertops for all your vanity top needs and at the most affordable prices. Most people choose highly durable granite, marble or quartz materials for their vanity top.

We rely on the highest-quality materials

All of our materials are top quality in durable designs that are sure to last. Vanity countertops are available in endless combinations of color, cut, and style. For more streamlined bathroom designs, we suggest a flat patterned vanity top. To create a more rustic farmhouse look, we offer vanity tops with natural stone like granite that is perfect to create an earthy look.

Solid surface vanity top options

These days, luxury features in bath designs are front and center. While many want a lux look, few of us have the budget to use luxury materials in every area of our space. But at Half Price Countertops, we can help you create the vanity top of your dreams in Fort Lauderdale without breaking the bank. We think you’ll find that solid surface countertops like Corian and Avontite are increasingly popular and a viable alternative to quartz and granite, which can be a bit more expensive. Solid surface vanity tops bring you a luxury look but with budget-friendly prices. Solid surface vanity tops have come a long way in recent years. Many solid surface countertops rival the look, strength, and durability of more expensive countertops created with granite and marble. And because solid surface countertops are manufactured for absolute perfection, these non-porous surfaces are durable and strong. They also come in an array of beautiful colors. The additional benefits of solid surface tops: you can enjoy stain resistance, heat resistance, and even low heat transference. Additionally, solid surface countertops are, for the most part, seamless, which helps avoid unsightly lines or gaps in any countertop. These repairable countertops are non-porous, helping to prevent staining. They’re also incredibly hygienic thanks to their impervious structure.

When choosing your vanity top for your bathroom,  you can enjoy the look of granite, marble or quartz, or a solid surface countertop like Corian. At Half Price Countertops, we provide Fort Lauderdale with reasonably priced natural stone and man-made vanity top options in a variety of colors and styles. If you are interested in chatting about vanity tops and what we have to offer, don’t hesitate to contact our design team at (954) 867-8310. We would be delighted to help you!