A New Year Means a New Look for Granite in Fort Lauderdale


What do you want to accomplish in the year 2015?

There are millions of people who make New Year’s resolutions and a lot of them are the same. Plenty of people want to live a healthier lifestyle by going to the gym and changing their diet. Others want to pick up a new skill like learning a new language or getting a hobby. Still others want to improve their home by taking on some new remodeling projects. Most want to gut their kitchen and bathroom and start fresh, but that can be an expensive and time consuming process. You might want to consider how a new countertop made from granite in Fort Lauderdale can transform your kitchen or bathroom without a complete overhaul which costs a lot of time and money. Half Price Countertops is a leader in Fort Lauderdale granite countertops for regular people who want quality without overpaying.

Granite has numerous advantages over other kinds of countertop materials which make it a popular option. For those looking to boost the overall value of a home, granite countertops are the perfect solution. A remodeled kitchen with a granite countertop in Fort Lauderdale can be a great selling point and can make your home more attractive for potential buyers. They also add a unique look as no two slabs of granite are exactly alike. Since granite is formed deep within the Earth’s crust by powerful heat and pressure, it means each piece is unique in some way. The way it’s formed means granite can absolutely stand up to whatever you send its way. Feel free to rest hot pans directly on it or cut without using a cutting board and your granite won’t look or feel any different at all. The convenience of cleaning and maintaining granite is one of the best parts because they’re almost nothing involved. Simple water and a rag will clean most spills without any problems at all on granite which has been properly treated.

The granite experts at Half Price Countertops have the experience and inventory on hand to offer someone the top granite in Fort Lauderdale. Potential buyers are encouraged to visit the Fort Lauderdale location to see the diverse slabs of granite we have available. You will be able to save up to 50% when you buy granite, marble, or quartz from us because we have our own fabrication shop. Call or stop by Half Price Countertops today and see for yourself!