6 Fall Decoration Tips For Your Kitchen Countertops

You finally have your quartz, granite, or remnant countertop in Fort Lauderdale at an unimaginable deal at Half Price Countertops. Now is the time to decorate it. 

After all, what is a countertop without décor? 

It will still be a fully functional piece of furniture, but you get where we are going with this.

The living room and kitchen décor bring personality to a household. A countertop is a perfect space to add a touch of you to any room. Since it is fall, why not get into the seasonal celebrations with these six stylish fall decoration ideas?

Add Festive Napkins

Trade out your plain white napkins with festive fall-inspired ones. You can decorate your kitchen counter with napkins that display images of fall, such as turned leaves and pumpkins, or you can be less on the nose and buy napkins with fall colors, like gold, rust orange, and burgundy. Don’t forget to do this with your kitchen towels, too.

Put Out Autumnal Fruits

Some people leave out fruit for convenience and décor. Choose seasonal fruits that represent the autumn months instead of the usual suspects. For a touch of inspiration, think of incorporating:

  • Figs
  • Dates
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Mini pumpkins

Mix and match to see which fruits look more appetizing with each other.

Spice Up Your Sink

If your granite, remnants, and quartz in Fort Lauderdale design extend to the sink, don’t neglect this section. Use a tiny tray to hold your fall-scented dishwashing soap, and some fake (or real) autumnal plants, such as chrysanthemums, flowering kale, or branches with berries.

Decorate The Kitchen Island

It is likely that your kitchen island provides the most amount of counter space than anywhere else in your kitchen (perhaps excluding the table). Brighten it up with a large tray or flat basket and start adding fall décor, starting with a large centerpiece. From there, incorporate smaller items into your centerpiece. It’s recommended to add your best pieces to the kitchen island, as it’s the focal point of the entire kitchen. If you haven’t decorated your kitchen island before, don’t overthink it – treat it like your living room countertop, which you have probably decorated multiple times over the years.

When choosing your kitchen island, explore our large selection. We have an 8,000 square foot indoor showroom located in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. We encourage you to visit both locations because we know how challenging it can be to get a good idea of what color and style to choose just by looking at a picture. We give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with hundreds of stone countertops to really spruce up your kitchen.

Decorate The Table

Every surface in your kitchen is designed for practicality and functionality, none more so than the kitchen table. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to completely neglect to decorate it this fall. Just make sure to consider convenience and functionality for an everyday fall design. You and your family will be eating here, after all. When you’re throwing seasonal parties, such as Thanksgiving, a pro tip is to feed your guests buffet style. That way, you can add extra items to add to your table runner (if you’re a fan of this style). For example, you can go heavy when adding:

  • Silverware
  • Glassware
  • Napkins
  • Centerpiece
  • Candles

Download Printable Art

Art can be expensive, so anywhere you can cut corners, do so. Printable artwork is typically cheaper, but when framed, can look like a priceless possession (or an extremely fashionable and expensive one). There are sites that will allow you to download printable artwork for free, so definitely pursue that avenue. Of course, you want it to be fall-related, but it should also mesh with your personality and the décor throughout the entire room. Add this framed beauty as one decorative piece to your living room table.

Visit Half Price Countertops

We are proud to own and operate a massive 8,000 square foot indoor showroom full of the best stone slabs you’ve ever seen. We carry numerous colors, patterns, and styles for any home design. If ever you feel overwhelmed by all the choices, our friendly staff can help you match your countertop with the cabinets, lighting, and everything else in the kitchen. For granite, remnants, and quartz countertop in Fort Lauderdale, contact Half Price Countertops. Call (954) 867-8310 for a free phone quote.