5 Reasons to Choose Granite in Fort Lauderdale


One of the first things you notice when you step into any kitchen isn’t the cabinets or the appliances, it’s the countertops. Countertops do more than provide a surface for preparing food, they’re a vital design element of any properly planned kitchen. They can tie an entire look together, or work on their own as a standout design element. There are a lot of choices when it comes to countertops, but granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale are the perfect choice for almost any kitchen. There are plenty of reasons why granite is one of the best choices for your kitchen countertop, here are the top 5:

  1. Granite is unique. Granite countertops are made from slabs of granite, an igneous rock that forms naturally within the earth’s surface. One of the best qualities of granite is its unique appearance, no two slabs look exactly the same!
  2. Granite countertops are incredibly durable. When you’re thinking about kitchen countertops, you should be considering durability. Granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale can withstand the test of time. It’s practically impossible to scratch or burn granite countertops, which means they’re up to the challenges presented by any high traffic kitchen.
  3. Granite is easy to maintain. The durability of granite countertops applies to their upkeep. Typically, you can keep granite countertops clean with a simple rinse from a wet washcloth. Granite maintains its shine throughout the years with little to no fuss.
  4. Granite can be customized. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and some countertop materials simply can’t be cut to the needs of your kitchen. Granite slabs can be cut at just about any angle and shape, fitting your kitchen with custom shapes and edges.
  5. Granite is truly affordable. Ok, granite in Fort Lauderdale may not be affordable at other stores but at Half Price Countertops our granite slabs start at $35 sq/ft! That’s a small price to pay for style and durability.

There are plenty of other benefits to granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale that you can learn about when you visit our showroom. At Half Price Countertops, we believe that one stop shopping can save you time and money. We’re a direct importer and fabricator of granite which allows our customers to save up to 50%! Our goal is to provide you with granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale that will last a lifetime at a fraction of large retailer prices. Stop by our huge 8,000 sq ft showroom today to see what granite is waiting for you!